Become a delegate 2.25.2020!


be a Delegate 2.25.2020 


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 Health Care for All Minnesota (HCAM) is sponsoring  the effort to get Betty McCollum to become a co-sponsor for The Medicare for All Act of 2019 (HR 1384). We think that with concerted pressure from influential people like you, we can move her from no to yes.   Sign this petition  (HCAM) ownes this form, not my  campaign.

After twenty years, Minnesota’s fourth district is ready for a competitive primary. I have a plan to challenge the status quo corruption in Congress. A competitive primary will empower Betty McCollum on supporting single payer, ending the practice of taking money from the Military Industrial Complex, and champion public financing of elections.   Please subscribe at the bottom of this website to stay informed and get involved, and help establish to reform our congress from the distortion of organized money and cycles of corruption from the Military Industrial Complex. Please find, friend, follow, and share me and my campaign to begin the hard work of saving our republic from the mismanagement of the ownership class.

I am David Sandbeck, I was raised by a beautician “Democrat” and a car wash attendant “Republican”. I know the value of a dollar and I won’t waste one cent! Not in my campaign and not once elected. Growing up in a working poor family, every decision, and purchase is of consequence. I will carry that with me for the rest of my life. I am determined to improve the lives of others in addition to the hard work of saving our republic from the waste, fraud, and abuse from a system distorted by a transnational global class. 

Give me an opportunity to earn your trust. Encourage your favorite news media personalities to challenge my goals and ideas. Take a few moments to consider my brief position statements on YouTube. If you are ready for an anti-corruption candidate share my campaign on social media. Forward this message to politically minded people you know.

I will not have a million dollars to spend like the incumbent. I need people like you to share my message, place my sign in your yard, flyer your neighborhood, share, like, and follow me on social media, encourage media personalities to challenge my positions and help me deliver a competitive primary. Finally, I will depend on small donors to deliver the change we need in our district, state, and country.

I am David Sandbeck. I am running for congress because I feel passionate about using the potential of the 4th congressional district to advocate for single payer health care, legalizing marijuana, taking on the military industrial complex, getting all the corporate cash out of elections not just overturning citizens united. 

I am from Saint Paul and have lived here all my life. Politics has been my interest from an early age, I would follow the news and get involved in my community and issue based campaigns. For more than a decade I have volunteered in campaigns, and causes, participated in caucuses and conventions. We send our platform and endorse our candidates but they don't seem to be listening to us. In 2020, I am doing everything I can to champion for the causes that have been ignored by party leaders for too long. Caucus on theses issues, and become a delegate  February 25th 2020

FInally I have created a congressional watchdog group CongressBusters.  Click on the link below to sign the petition to summons Betty Mccollum  to a Medicare For All town hall before the Caucus Feb 25th 2020! I need 300 people to attend. Read the petition , it's good stuff!

About The Campaign


Running as a Democrat in the Minnesota DFL party.

We need to start with cleaning up our own party, that means leadership who will call out corruption like the kind we saw in the 2016 primary. We need to actually act on the party's values. I need you to become a delegate at the caucus 2.25.2020, eventually become a delegate to champion a new voice for Minnesota at the district caucus. Here are ready to print resolutions to bring to the precinct caucus.  Please donate $3 a month. Follow me on twitter.

Here is a caucus training playlist, the DFL "what to expect" and "resolution" videos are good. Find your caucus location here.


Campaign finance reform

End the pay to play political process. End the dependence on corporate money. I do not have a PAC or large corporate donors. I am accountable to voters. Caucus for single payer, legalization of marijuana, and support my campaign by becoming a delegate all the way to the District caucus. Consider a $3 monthly contribution. Please follow me on twitter.


Help me end pay to play politics

Let me place a sign in your yard, will you flyer your neighborhood, volunteer or help my campaign? I need help to get the message out. Commit to caucus February 25th 2020 to become a delegate. If you do not have time consider a monthly $3 contribution. Please follow and share my campaign on facebook and on twitter. Encourage local media and your favorite news media to cover my campaign. Nominate my campaign to be reviewed by Justice Democrats   I have answers to their questions in my platform section the upper right of my website. 

How to support me at the Caucus - make it to step 3


I need you to make it to step 3


Step 1. Precinct Caucuses 2.25.2020

The precinct is the first level of the DFL Party structure. The precinct caucuses are a foundational pillar to the DFL Party’s grassroots history because all Minnesota constituents have the ability to participate at this level.

Those in attendance have an opportunity to speak with candidates, participate in a preferential ballot, and present resolutions that have the potential to be forwarded to their local unit conventions. Ready to print resolutions are available here.  I need You to be a delegate for step 2!

Here is a short playlist of caucus training, watch the first three videos, or more if you like. Find your caucus location here.


Step 2. Organizing Unit Caucuses, Varies by Senate District


The Organizing Unit is the second level of the DFL Party structure. Delegates are elected to their Organizing Unit conventions at their local precinct caucuses in step 1 on 2.25.2020. Then, these delegates will endorse candidates for the state legislature and choose delegates to move on to the congressional district convention. I need you to be a delegate at the Congressional District Caucus, in step 3! Here is a caucus training playlist, find the videos on becoming a convention delegate and how to caucus for single payer.


Step 3. Congressional District Caucuses, Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 10 AM pin St Paul Pipefitters Joint Journeymen And Apprentice Training T1301 L Orient St, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117


The congressional district, is the third level in the DFL Party structure.  Congressional district conventions are held with delegates who have been elected at the DFL organizing unit conventions in step 2 are going to pick the Congressional candidate to nominate. This is the moment you can nominate me, David Sandbeck.  Here is a link to caucus training playlist.

Also if you made it this far and want to be a National delegate,  File Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support for Bernie by May 27, 2020.  Get and file forms with the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, 255 Plato Blvd. East, Saint Paul,MN 55107-1623, or Fax 651-251-6325 or  At-Large and Alternate delegates are elected May 31, 2020 by the State Convention., to attend the convention in Wisconsin next year, are selected after this step!

Decisions are made by those who Caucus 2.25.2020

Leadership for the 98 percent of us not just the ownership class.


Please subscribe to a mailing list below and follow me on social media, if you can not assist in other ways but support my message. I have social media links toward the bottom of my website. I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,Youtube and Instagram.  

Help me summons our Betty McCollum to a town hall in Minneapolis this February!


 FInally, I have created a congressional watchdog group CongressBusters.  sign the petition to summons Betty McCollum  to a town hall this Feburary! I need 300 people to attend! Read the petition , it's good stuff! 


Get involved & Caucus 2.25.2020


Your support is needed so I can champion a progressive agenda bring resolutions to the caucus. Please become a delegate at the caucus 2.25.2020. Consider a monthly contribution of $3 would be so appreciated. 

David Sandbeck In the Media


The Jayme & Wickett 98.1FM KMBZ

A Kansas CIty morning talk show asked me to call in. Listen to the whole segment or just my part starting about 15 minutes in.  The Jayme & Wickett 98.1FM KMBZ

City Pages

Hannah Jones  @reporterjones  for the city pages wrote about some of my marketing choices

Interview with Healthcare For All Minnesota

A twenty minute interview focused mostly on single payer.


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Sandbeck For Congress

717 Larpenteur Ave East, Saint Paul, MN 55117, US

(651) 428-2736

Hello, thank you for your attention. I am ready to take on corruption for everyone in Minnesota.

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